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2011-06-20 News
Date: 20 June 2011

Family Business Sold

The Golden Mark Brewery, a small local whiskey brewery, was sold yesterday to its previous administration chef Mikahel Stukalov. The brewery was founded by the Nosghazarr family and has been a family business until the resent transaction. The last owner, Yari Nosghazarr, is the son of the the Golden Mark Brewery's founder. When the Chernyy Ekonomika asked Mikahel Stukalov what made Nosghazarr sell the profitable brewery, Mikahel confesses to not knowing and that Nosghazarr seems to have a lot on his mind at the moment. Attempts has been made to reach Yari Nosghazarr but they have been unsuccessful.

- Valerian Orlov for Chernyy Ekonomika

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