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Icon wod.png 01 February 0970 Volk Gorod was first mentioned in any kind of historical document and officially the town is founded that date. Volk Gorod was a trade port in the Black Sea.

Icon wod.png 01 July 1110 The first castle in the Volk Gorod was built by Lord Otto Niketas. He named the castle Zamok volka. The construction of the castle also drove up the trade in the region.


Icon wod.png 01 January 1340 Kingdom of Georgia annexed the Kingdom of Tenevyye.

Icon wod.png 01 January 1386 The Mongol armies raided the Kingdom of Georgia later shattered the region in to petty kingdoms.

Icon wod.png 01 August 1386 Volk Gorod was burnt to the ground by the Mongol Empire. Zamok volka was heavenly damaged, but were restored 2 years later.

Icon wod.png 01 January 1490 The Kingdom of Tenevyye was once again formed. The kingdom was struggling with the other kingdoms in the region to mentain its autonomy against the Persians and the Ottoman Empire. The kingdom lasted to 1801 when it was annexed by the Russian Empire.

Icon wod.png 21 May 1499 Saint Mikula is burned on the stake.[1]


Icon wod.png 28 July 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, were shot dead in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip Starting World War I.

Icon wod.png 07 November 1917 The October Revolution take place in Petrograd, Russia. And starts the Russian Civil War.

Icon wod.png 11 November 1918 World War I ends.

Icon wod.png 25 October 1922 The end of the Russian Civil War.

Icon wod.png 01 September 1939 Germany invaded Poland and mark the beginning of World War II.

Icon wod.png 16 November 1942 Temnyy gorod prepare to defend against the advancing Germans. But no city defense is required. Instead the troops join in Operation Little Saturn and pushes the Germans back to Berlin.

Icon wod.png 11 March 1945 World War II ends.

Icon wod.png 09 November 1989 The fall of the Berlin Wall

Icon wod.png 21 March 1991 Tenevyye is granted independence from Moscow.

Icon wod.png 22 July 1991 Tenevyye Civil War[2]

Icon wod.png 21 December 1991 The Soviet Union is dissolved.


Icon wod.png 26 April 2011 A large criminal gang conflict erupted in Yuzhnaya gavan' District with heavy gunfire. There have been no reported gun related injuries on the hospital after the shoot out and the police is asking the public for any leads.

Icon wod.png 01 June 2011 The Chronicle Start

Icon wod.png 06 June 2011 Two men was found shot in the middle of the street near the border of Tsentral'nyy reki District 1 and Proletarsky District.

Icon wod.png 06 June 2011 Five teenagers and young adults was found in slaughtered in a alley way.

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