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The Federal Republic of Tenevyye or in short Tenevyye (Russian: Теневые. English: Shadowlands) is a nation north of the black sea. Tenevyye were once a small state in the Soviet Union but declared it's independence in 1991 when right after the desolution of the Soviet Union[1]. Tenevyye today rages with civil unrest, ethnic tensions, political corruption and abuse of power.

The federation is split in to 3 republics West Tenevyye Peoples Republic, Darkshore Republic, and West Georgian Republic.

The capital of Tenevyye is Temnyy gorod (Previously named Volk Gorad) and is located in the far south in the county of Volchʹi ravniny. Temnyy gorod is also the largest city.


Kingdom of Georgia annexed the Kingdom of Tenevyye in 1340 and King Vlasi III is killed in the battle of Volk Gorod (1340-12-02).

In 1386 the Mongol armies raided the Kingdom of Georgia later shattered the region in to petty kingdoms.

In 1490 Kingdom of Tenevyye was once again formed by Duke Nestor Andreev. The kingdom was struggling with the other kingdoms in the region to maintain its autonomy against the Persians and the Ottoman Empire. The kingdom lasted to 1801 when it was annexed by the Russian Empire. Volk Gorod is renamed to Temnyy gorod in the 1893

Tenevyye is granted independence from Moscow on the 21st Mars 1991.


Main Article: Politics of Tenevyye

The Tenevyye system of government is devised in five democratically elected bodies; Municipal, Region Assembly, State Assembly, National Assembly and finally the president. The assemblies are have there election every third year while the presidential elects is held every fourth.


The political power in the fereation is held by the Federal Assembly. The president have no power over federal laws. The position is tho responsible for foreign relations and can speek on behalf of Federal Council with is selected by the president.

Federal Council contain hand picked, by the president, deligates from each state in the federation. The Council handle for align and domestic affairs and vote on when and if to use the federal army

Federal Assembly

Interior Ministry is the justice ministry handling the law enforcement and the federal judeal and justice system. The interior minestry don't have there own police but operate directly thro the FSRB when needed. Read more about the justice system below.


See also: Law and Legislation, Tenevyye law enforcement

The the Justice system in Tenevyye are divided in Federal, State, Region and Municipal courts. Similarly the law enforcement are also divided same way.

The Justice system and law enforcement in Tenevyye is corrupt and struggle with internal problems and illegal activities. The corruption in the law enforcement and courts is mostly spread in the muliply and regional levels.

The police and Justice system in the federation have long been critizised for harassment, brutality and racism.


See also: Crime in Tenevyye

Tenevyye is a highly adopted market economy with a huge private sector. The economy is built on industry and export mostly gas and oil. Their currency used in Tenevyye is Tenevyye Ruble (₽). (In game wise for making it easy 1₽ represents 1$, 1€, 10SKR)

The political corruption is while spread in the entire nation. Cooperate advocacy groups both cooperate and criminally funded is common practice and occurrence. The more money and connections you have; the more things will go your way.



  • Eurasian badger
  • European otter
  • Steppe polecat
  • Marbled polecat
  • Red deer
  • Moose
  • Goitered gazelle
  • Wild goat
  • Chamois


Tenevyye is a nation with many ethnic groups and minorities. West Tenevyye have a Muslim majorities while the majority of the nation have Slavic orthodox culture.

The people reference them self as Tenevyyenies, Tenevyyen or Tenevyyan. (Exsamples: "The Tenevyyenies are horrible people.", "I'm a Tenevyyan!", "My father is a Tenevyyen.", "I speak Tenneviees.". )

National holidays and yearly celebrations

Languish Groups

70% Tenneviees (Resembles Russian)
19% West-Tenneviees (Resembles Turkish)
11% Other


69% Russian Orthodoxy
21% Sunni
5% Shia
3% Catholic
2% Other

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  2. Tatiana day
  3. 22th July is a national day for Zapad Tenevyye Gosudarstvennyy. This day is not a national holiday in the federation but is celebrated by pro-west groups.
  4. 8th August is a yearly day were nationalist movements demonstrate I'm the capital.