Republican West Tenevyye Communist Party (RZKPT)

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Republican West Tenevyye Communist Party (RZKPT) Site Republican West Tenevyye Communist Party logo.png
Party Leader: Sabina Kazmir
Address: You don't have the proper contacts to know this.
Youth wing: West-Tenevyyan Revolutionary Youth
Ideology: Communism, Left-Nationalism
Political position: Far-Left
Colours:      Dark Red
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The Republican West Tenevyye Communist Party (RZKPT) (Russian: Республиканский Запад Коммунистическая партия Теневые; Respublikanskiy Zapad Kommunisticheskaya partiya Tenevyye) is a revolutionary communist party that is the remnants of the Western parts of the Communist Party of Tenevyye. The party struggles against capitalism and against the imperialistic state of Tenevyye. The goal with this struggle is to create a independent and free west-tenevvya. A socialist society can not be built where the minority of West-Tenevyyans are treated as second-class citizens. Therefor the nationalist struggle is important, and in that struggle the west-Tenevyyan proletariat is the strongest and most important of the classes. That struggle is not only nationalistic, it is also anti-imperialistic at it's core due to the function of the Tenevyyan state. RZKPT is very involved in the day to day life of West-Tenevvya and has many local hospitals, schools and soup kitchens and therefor has a large popularity with the local populace. The party also has tight bounds with the Blood Red Dawn guerilla and gunrunning circle.

West-Tenevyyan Revolutionary Youth

West-Tenevyyan Revolutionary Youth (ZTVM) (Russian: Zapadno- Tenevyyan revolyutsionnoy molodezhi)

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