Blood Red Dawn

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Blood Red Dawn Site Blood Red Dawn logo.png
Address: Temnyy gorod;
Merit: ●●●
Category: Criminal Organization
Game article: Icon sc.png Game Master

The Blood Red Dawn (KKP) (Russian: Кроваво-Красный Рассвет; Krovavo-Krasnyy Rassvet) are a powerful gun running circle that sells and supply guns in order to gain resources such as money, contacts and allies to the struggle for a free West Tenevyye. The KKP deal with many smaller gangs in the city, having a near monopoly enforced in the capital on guns in the black market due to their Moscow contacts. This organization is mostly ex-military with some KGB and Spetsnaz operatives within the ranks as well. When The Soviet Union fell they decided to side with the Republican West Tenevyye Communist Party to establish an independent state. They view themselves as an armed guerrilla unit that operates within enemy lands in order to further the goals of a West Tenevyye. But the KKP also holds much sway in the western parts of the country, and is larger in numbers there. The political alignment of the group is communistic, viewing the need of a free state as a primary goal in struggle to free their own oppressed people from the imperialist oppression of the Federal Republic of Tenevyye.

They are careful with whom they recruit, as all that joins must go through strict tries and attempts so that they can be sure that they will not sell them out. Even as they are initiated information is kept down for the matter of security so that even if one ‘cell’ of KKP is caught they cannot bring down the entire organization. Every Cell maintains part of the gun running route having as little contact as possible with the other Cells. The new recruits need to be pure “ethnic” West Tenevyye to even be considered. But as the city of Temnyy gorod is a center of the country many people with ties to the west can still be found there, perhaps working or simply escaping with their family from the escalating terror that ravages the lands. The organization has been bolstering numbers as of late, in hope to establish more cells.