Politics of Tenevyye

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The Tenevyye system of government is devised in five democratically elected bodies; Municipal, Region Assembly, State Assembly, National Assembly and finally the president. The assemblies are have there election every third year while the presidential elects is held every fourth.

Tenevyye Parliament

Parliament National 2009.png
Tenevyye Parliament Assembly
Party Seats
Freedoms PathНкС 81
Gods ChosenНкС 32
Social Democratic Party 23
Revolutionary Workers Party 12
United Tenevyye 9
Left Socialist Party 8
Total 165
НкС: This party have formed a coalition with each other inordinate to gain power.


Next parliamentary election will be held 2012 and the presidential election 2014. You can effect the outcome of the election by going to the 2012 election or click here.

2010 presidential election

Presidential election 2010
Candidate Party Supported Parties Votes %
Pimen Tretiakov Freedoms Path Gods Chosen, Nicolais Remenants, National Socialist Party 73%
Lada Artemieva Social Democratic Party Left Socialist Party 27%
Total 100 %

2009 parliamentary election

Parliamentary election results 2009
Party Votes % Seats
Freedoms Path 49 % 81
Gods Chosen 19 % 32
Social Democratic Party 14% 23
Revolutionary Workers Party 7 % 12
United Tenevyye 5 % 9
Left Socialist Party 5 % 8
Other 1 %
Total 100 % 165

List of political parties

List of local and regional parties

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