National Socialist Party (NSP)

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National Socialist Party (NSP) Site National Socialist Party logo.png
Party Leader: Ruben Sokolov
Address: You don't have the proper contacts to know this.
Youth wing: Tenevyyen National Youth
Ideology: National Socialism, Nationalism
Political position: Extrem-Right
Colours:      Brown
Game article: Icon sc.png Game Master

The National Socialist Party (NSP) (Russian: Национал-социалистическая партия; Natsional-sotsialisticheskaya partiya) is a small natzi party that campaign in local, regional, state and national elections. The partys main political goals is a ethnic and racial pure Tenevyye with a strong state that focus on the Tenevyyen interests and not jewish, communist, HBTQ, multi-cultural, West-tenevyyan or global capitalists interests.

Tenevyyen National Youth

The uniform used by the TNM

Tenevyyen National Youth (TNM) (Russian: Теневые Национальный молодежный; Tenevyye Natsional'nyy molodezhnyy) (Not to be confused with Gods Chosens Youthwing with simular name.) is the National Socialist Party youth organization. They are not officially a part of the NSP but that little bureaucratic paragraf does not fool anyone in the country. They act as security and thugs to keep order during NSP party rallies and other official events and the NSP organization, or even Ruben Sokolov himself, have a record of helping TNM members out of legal problems.

You can easily recognize the Tenevyyen National Youth members by their uniforms they use during their events.


Site National Socialist Party 01.jpg
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Ruben Sokolov is born 12 November 1949. He are  a party leader.