Law and Legislation

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Law and Legislation
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  • Law of Election & Parliament Federal Republic, Universal Voting, Proportional Election, Parliament Threshold 3%, Election Time, 3 year term
  • Army The army are semi-professional partly draft (See Draft law) and partly professional. The professional part of the army are reserved for officers, standing units and special operations units of the armed forces.
  • Anti terrorist act All organizations and individuals, associating them self with or cooperation them self with. Organizations carrying the symbols refering to West Tenevyye independence are considerd enemy of the state and are subject to a military tribunal and not civil cort.
  • Anti trafficking act The anti trafficking act is a law passed to protect women and children from prosecution from being forced in to sexual slavery.
  • Death penalty may be alternative on serious crime. The death penalty is a rare option in civil cort and are only used when the accused is sane and have conducted mass murder or are subject to the Anti terrorist act.
  • Draft Law All male civilians 21 years old are to participent in a 18 month military or public service.
  • Prostitution is illegal The act of selling as well as buying sexual servecis are considerd a ileegal act. Sentence for buying is 1-3 months in prison and for selling a fine (●●●) or a 1 month jail time.
  • Prosecution on suspected illegal activity The law enforcement may detain and prosecute individuals linked to, are suspected to have or will conducted a criminal act. The idea behind the legislation is to fight organized crime but have been used to arrest and procecute political activists.
  • Weapon law Civilians are not allowed to carry or own firearms. You are required to have a license for owning a pistol (●●●) as well as for Hunting Rifles (●●). Fully automatic weapons are only allowed for military and police. Civilians carrying blunt or melee weapons when not in service are considered a crime. Corporations and civilians are not allowed to carry or own military grade equipment or weapons. Sentence for individuals with firearms is 2-4yesrs of prison.

Upcoming laws and legislations

2012-05-01 - Abortion is considered a immoral act Conducting a illegal abortion will result in fine (●●●●) for the individual preforming and a fine (●●) for the mother involved.

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