Crime in Tenevyye

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Crime in Tenevyye
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Tenevyye have after the liberalization of it's economy been experiencing a boom in organized crime and gang violence.

Organized crime

The leader of the Russian mafia in Tenevyye Trofim Balabanov

The organized crime is the federation is well armed equipped and organized. The mafia have ties directly in to the government. A cupped of political motivated groups, Blood Red Dawn (KKP) for instance, also have huge influences in the development and continuation of organized crime in Tenevyye. (Blood Red Dawn is also classed as a terrorist organization.) The largest group is the Russian mafia which controll the majority of the criminal activities.

Illegal firearms

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The illegal weapons trade in Tenevyye is mostly channeled through the Temnyy gorod's container port due to the heavy customs controls conducted at the Russian border. This have given criminal organizations, as well as West-Tenevyye terror groups, near monopoly on the weapons trade between themselves groups.

Blood Red Dawn have the majority of the heavy, explosives and small arms weapons trade in the nation. Making nearly all illegally possessed AK74 class weapons found in Tenevyye is trackable backed to the organization. The group are also responsible for the smuggling of the weapons to the west.

The Russian mafia have the near monopoly of smallarmes, pistols and rifles. They also get there weapons from the Blood Red Dawn and redistributed them.

Firearm commonly found on the black market





Drug & gang viololence

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Drug trade and usage is wide spread in Tenevyye.


Sextrade and Prostitution is illegal in Tenevyye. Even tho the government is cracking down on brothels, arresting sexworkers and buyers, the sextrade still remains a huge problem in major cities. In a new report published from a women's rights group states that in a rough estimate 32% of women between the age of 16-25 have encounted (been suggested intercede for money, know some one that are a sexworker or are them self a sexworker.) some kind of sextrade in there life.

LGBT Violence

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Violence against people with other sexual orientation, then the norm, have during 2010 been increasing. The LGBT community reports systematic discrimination and targeted hate.

Immigration Violence

Violence and harassment of foreigners have always been a problem. Tho the Government promised to end this violence. The violence continues due to fact the authority them self express violence against immigrants and foreigners.

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