Grigorev Family

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Grigorev Family
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The Grigorev Dynasty is a rich and powerful dynasty that have its origins in the aristocracy of the Russian Empire. The dynasty today have huge influence in the bank and the Orthodox church in the the nation but especially in the capital.

The Grigorev family have a history of either living unnaturally long or dying young, leaving behind orphans. The family also seems to have trouble conceiving children. This has lead to early marriages and attempts at pregnancy. Many couples still get their first child in their thirties or forties, but a few become parents at a young age, perhaps a to young age.

The family have longed lived in the Grigorev Family Manor located in Staraya Derevnya District 8:4


Living members

Mariya Grigorev is born 1917. Is the mother of Varlam Grigorev.
Married to Yaroslav Markovic.
Yaroslav Markovic is born 1911.
Spouse of Mariya Grigorev.
Son of Mariya Grigorev and Yaroslav Markovic. Varlam Grigorev is born 1963.
Married to Yustina Krupin.
Yustina Krupin is born 1962.
Spouse of Varlam Grigorev.
Aleksei Grigorev is born 1956.
Married to Anastasiya Ivanov.
Arina Grigorev is born 1959. Is the mother of Vera Grigorev and Rozaliya Grigorev.
Married to Illarion Filipov and have two children.
Illarion Filipov is born 1959. Is the father of Vera Grigorev and Rozaliya Grigorev.
Spouse of Arina Grigorev.
Daughter of Illarion Filipov and Arina Grigorev. Vera Grigorev is born 1995.
Daughter of Illarion Filipov and Arina Grigorev. Rozaliya Grigorev is born 1996.
Son of Valerij Lazarov Grigorev and Katerina Fyodorov Grigorev. Lavrenti Valerjov Grigorev is born 30 July 1981. Is the father of Nestor Lavrentinov Grigorev.
Married to Sofiya Maximovna Grigorev and have one child. Lavrenti one of the more powerful individuals in the Grigorev dynasty. He has large control over TemBank, one of Tenevyyes largest banks.
Sofiya Maximovna Grigorev is born 1982. Is the mother of Nestor Lavrentinov Grigorev.
Spouse of Lavrenti Valerjov Grigorev.
Son of Lavrenti Valerjov Grigorev and Sofiya Maximovna Grigorev. Nestor Lavrentinov Grigorev is born 2009.
Son of Valerij Lazarov Grigorev and Katerina Fyodorov Grigorev. Vasili Valerjov Grigorev or Father Valerjov is born 12 April 1983. He belong to the Ortodox Church of Tenevyye as a Priest.
Father Valerjov is a large and important individual in the Ortodox church in Tenevyye.
Daughter of Valerij Lazarov Grigorev and Katerina Fyodorov Grigorev. Natalia Valerjovna Grigorev is born 26 August 1986. She belong to the Temnyy gorod University as a Lector of Slavic pagan history and studies of the occult.
Natalia is the current owner of the Family Manor

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