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The Federal Intelligence Security Service (FSRB) (Russian: Федеральная служба разведки безопасности; Federal'naya sluzhba razvedki bezopasnosti) is the federal police in Tenevyye. The FSRB have nation wide authority. The force focus on taking down organized crime and terrorist groups operating within the nation border. The national headquarters for the FSRB is located in Temnyy gorod at Proletarsky District 16:2


The FSRB is dividend in three departments listed below.

Criminal Investigation

FSRB:UR operator looking for fingerprints.

The Criminal Investigation Unit (FSRB:UR) (Russian: Уголовных расследований: Ugolovnykh rassledovaniy) handle crimes committed cross state lines or are severe enough to not be handle by state or regional police. The UR division have a highly specialized forensics team and DNA analyses laboratories. There for sampels gathered during a crime by other departments are often sent to this unit for analyses and for to compare with sampels on the national crime database.

Special Operations Unit

A SPG unit fully equipped.

The Special Operations Unit (FSRB:SPG) (Russian: Специальный Оперативная группа; Spetsial'nyy Operativnaya gruppa) is a heavily armed with military training, weapon and equipment. They are capable of taking down criminal organisations, arresting dangerous individuals and dealing with hostage situations.

Shadow Division

The Shadow Division (FSRB:OT) (Russian: Отдел тени; Otdel teni) are more a rumored branch of the FSRB not much are know about the division. They are handling cold cases and strange criminal investigations. First time they got noticed were when they took over the investigation of Amelia Bazarovas disappearance. The UR have there own forenstics laboratory, investigators and special operations unit.

Weapons and Vehicles

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