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2011-06-13 News
Date: 13 June 2011

Wolves attack the City


On the night of 9th of June a man was found with hes leg ripped off near an alley way in Tsentral'nyy reki District 3:5. The attack have been confirmed to be from a wolf or wolflike dog, there were no eye witnesses to the incident. The individual was pronounced dead on site. Professor Stanislav Shubin Zoologist at Temnyy gorod University that studies the wolves habits and movements in Yuzhnaya zemlya have this to say: Wolves normally don't venture in to major settlements attacking humans. Though it is known to happen especially in smaller towns etc. It is rare though that they should move in to the central part of Temnyy gorod and not being seen. I believe it is some kind of 'wolf dog hybrid' and not a wolf. The man is previously known by the police but the incident don't point in the direction that it have any relations. Unless its a dog that did the attack of cause.

- Miroslav Alekseyeva for Kanal 1